how to outline a picture in canva

How To Outline An Image In Canva

How To Outline An Image In Canva – 4 Easy Steps

If you want to give your image a good and polished look, then you want it to stand out, and you must try to add an outline to your images. Whether you want to make a youtube thumbnail or try to make a social media post that stands out, Using an image with an outline can make all the difference.

This is a step-by-step guide in which I will teach you how to outline an image in Canva in just a few simple and easy steps. I will also share tips on how to customize the outline you created and how to enhance the image, so it catches the viewer’s attention.

Outline An Image In Canva

To add a white outline to an image in Canva, create a new document in Canva and then upload your image. Remove your image’s background with the “background remover” tool, then click “Edit Image” and click the Glow option under the Shadows tab, change the glow color to white, then modify the settings to create a white outline around your image.

Step-By-Step Guide To Add Outline To Image In Canva

Here is the step-by-step guide in which I will show you all the tools and steps needed to outline an image in canva. I am going to add a white outline to my image. You can add any one of your choices. It’s up to you.

Step 1: Create a blank design

Open canva and click on the “Create a Design” option. Here you will see a list of canvas sizes appear. You can choose any of the canvas sizes you want. I am going with the standard Instagram post size. Click on the one you want. You can also create a custom size canvas if you want.

Create a blank canvas in canva

Step 2: Add image to canva

After creating a blank document, Now you have to add an image to your canvas. You can upload an image to canva by just dragging and dropping it to the canva page, or you can choose one from the canva image.

Canva will provide you with a large variety of images you can use in your designs. To use a free image from canva, click on the “Photos” option on the left of the canva design page.

If you can’t find this option. First, click “More’ on the left menu, and then you will see the “Photos” option. Click on it, and a large variety of free and premium images will appear.

how to add an image to canva

Step 3: Remove background from the image

After adding your image to the design canvas, next, you have to remove the background from the image using the “Background Remover” tool.

To remove the background from your image. First, select your image and then click on “Edit Image” on the top toolbar. A menu will appear on the left of the design page, and you will see the “Background Remover” tool. Just click on it, and it automatically removes the background from your image.

The “Background Remove” feature is only available for premium canva users. If you don’t have a premium canva account, I suggest using the RemoveBG tool, which will remove the background from your image for free.

how to remove background from an image in canva

Step 4: Add an outline to the image

After removing the background from your image, the next step is to add an outline to your image. Select your image and click the “Edit Image” option on the top toolbar.

On the left menu, you will see the “Shadows” option. Click on it, and after that, click on glow. Add the values mentioned below.

Size: What you like.

Transparency: 100%

Blur: 0%

Color: White or any of your favorite colors.

add outline to an image in canva

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How To Outline Text In Canva

These steps will help you outline your text in canva.

  1. Click on the “Text” option on the left of the design page and click on the text you want to add.
  2. Select your text and click on the “Effects” option from the top toolbar of the design page.
  3. Select the “Splice” effect and adjust the offset value to “0”.

By these simple steps, you have easily added an outline to your test in canva.

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How to outline text in canva

How To Outline Shape In Canva

If you want to outline shapes in canva, you have to use some tricky methods because there is no direct method by which you can add an outline to an image.

To outline a shape in canva, you have to simply copy your shape, adjust its color to the desired stroke color, and position it right under your main shape layer. Slowly increase the size of that shape, and you will see an outline of the will appear. You can change the color of the stroke shape anytime you want.

That is how you can simply outline shapes in canva. However, this method will not work for complicated shapes found in the Canva Elements area.

How to outline shapes in canva

FAQ(How To Add Outline To Image In Canva)

What is the text outline?

An outline is an outside border that appears around each character in your text or WordArt. When you modify the outline of the text, you may also change the line’s color, weight, and style. An effect enhances the depth of focus of text in WordArt or on a slide.

How do you outline a text in Canva?

1. Click on your text to select it.
2. Click on the “Home” button and select “Text Effects”.
3. Select the desired effect by clicking it. Select Outline, Shadow, Reflection, or Glow for other choices, and then click the desired effect.

How do I add a frame in Canva?

Tap the button in the editor’s bottom corner. Select the Elements tab. Enter “frame” into the search bar. The frame options will begin to load. To use a frame, tap on it and drag it to the page.


If you want to give your text an enhanced and eye-catchy look, I would suggest adding an outline to your text to give it a standout look, and the viewer will find it interesting to read.

I hope by reading this step-by-step guide, you have learned to outline an image in canva, and also it solved all your queries on outlining images and how to do it for free.…