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How to Make a Branded Gif in Canva

How to Make a Branded Gif in Canva

I am pretty sure most of you people have used GIF stickers on many of your social media, But do you mind ever asking how these GIFs are made? In this article, I will show you how to make a branded GIF in Canva by following some simple and easy steps.

Canva provides all the features and tools using which you can create some eye catchy and amazing gifs for yourself. You can even use your photos and videos to make a GIF. In canva, you can apply transitions and filters, which will make your GIF more attractive and cool.

Make a Branded Gif in Canva

Open a black design of the design you want your GIF to be. I would suggest using a decent square size for your GIF. Now add all the elements and pictures you would love to use in your GIF. Perfectly align all the elements and pictures in your Canvas design.

Duplicate the GIF you have designed in canva. Now change the element’s size or location so they will look attractive and cool when animated after the whole process of making a GIF. Now download both the pages on which you have designed your GIF.

After downloading the images from canva, the next step is to upload your images to Ezgif. Here you will adjust the speed and size of the GIF you have made in canva. It will show you the preview of the GIF so you will be able to know how it will look after completion.

After completing the process, you have made a custom GIF for yourself, and now you can use it anywhere you want.

Steps For Making a Branded Gif in Canva

Suppose you cannot understand the process of making a GIF in the upper section. In that case, this step-by-step will solve your remaining issues on how you can create a custom gif for yourself.

Step 1: Open A Blank Canvas

First, you have to make a blank canvas for your design. I would suggest using a square design and making sure to use a decent size, so it looks cool and attractive in shape. You can use an Instagram square size for your GIF, giving it an amazing look.

How to make a blank canvas in canva

Step 2: Design Your GIF

In this step, you have to design a GIF of your choice. You can add anything, like elements and pictures, making your GIF more attractive to the viewer. Canva will also provide you with a ton of elements that you can use in your GIF.

How to make a blank canvas in canva

Step 3: Duplicate And Make Changes

In this step, you have to duplicate the GIF design you have made and simply make some changes in the design, so it looks good when animated. Simply make some changes in the elements used in the design and give them some rotation. 

How to duplicate designs in canva

Step 4: Download Your Designs

Now download all the pages you have made in Canva. You can download them by clicking on the “Share button” on the top right corner of the design page and then clicking on the “Download” option.

How to download design from canva

Step 5: Add An Animated Effect To GIF

Add animation to your GIF by uploading it to Ezgif. This tool will add animation to your GIF, and you can easily adjust the speed, size, and duration of your GIF.

how to add animation to a gif in canva

Step 6: Download your GIF

After making all the adjustments of speed, size, and duration on your GIF, download the GIF by first clicking on the “Save” option and your GIF will automatically be downloaded.

How to download a gif from canva

You have successfully created and animated GIFs using just Canva and Ezgif.

how to make a branded gif in canva

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Convert Video To GIF Easily

You can create a GIF from a video in Canva by following simple steps. Just upload your video to canva and trim the video according to your choice. Add the captions and elements if you want to give it an attractive look, and the viewer likes it. Make all the changes you want in your GIF.

To download the GIF:

  1. Click on the top right “Share” button on the canva design pages.
  2. Click on the “Download” option.
  3. Select the GIF file type, and you are done.

You have successfully downloaded your GIF video.

how to make a gif from a video in canva

Canva Animations Options For Creating GIF

Canva provides a variety of animations that you can use in your GIF to give it a better look. You will find the animations by clicking on the element you want to animate and then clicking on the “Animate” option at the top of the Canva design page.

A variety of animations will appear on the left-side menu. You can use these animations on simple elements or the whole design page. It’s up to you. I suggest using animations on your GIF, so it looks good to the viewers if you are making a video GIF.

Canva Pre-Made GIFs Library

You will find a large variety of Canva pre-made GIFs. You can also use these Gifs on your design if you want. To find these GIFs, click on the “More” option on the left side of the design page.

Now drag a little, and you will see the “GIPHY” option. Click on it, and a large menu of free GIFs will appear. Select any of the GIFs you want, or you can also search in the search bar on the GIFs menu.

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FAQ(Make a Branded Gif in Canva)

Can I turn my videos into a GIF?

Definitely! You can create an animated GIF from any video or clip. Use the Canva GIF generator through a browser or app, then upload your video and adjust it as you want. To enhance your work, you can add texts, effects, animations, and elements to a GIF. When satisfied with the final result, click Download, click on the drop-down option, and select your desired GIF format.

What is a branded GIF?

A branded GIF is designed to increase brand awareness by providing fantastic content people want to share and improve their discussions.

What is a Giphy sticker?

A sticker is a transparent GIF file that may be used to improve your storytelling in various ways! To register as a sticker, at least 20% of the pixels in the first frame must be translucent. Transparent videos will not operate in this situation.


I hope you have learned how to create a GIF in different ways. I shared multiple ways of creating GIFs, and also I have shared how to create a video gif. This guide is only for Canva premium users, but if you want to get a free GIF, then I suggest using the Ezgif Tool.

You can ask in the comment section if you still have questions about making a GIF. If you are looking for a design to make a GIF, then you can contact me, and I will make an awesome GIF for you.…