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How to Add Grainy Texture In Canva

How to Add Grainy Texture In Canva

In this Canva step-by-step guide, I will show you how to add grainy texture in Canva. Canva is a free online graphic design tool giving you many features to enhance your design. You can use Canva to make logos, banners, and many other graphics, saving you time.

These are two packages of Canva, one is the basic version of canva, and the other is the premium version of canva. 

You might be familiar with the basic version, but in the premium version, there are a ton of extra features and graphics which you can use in your design to further enhance your work.

By following my step-by-step guide, you can create a grainy texture in free and premium canva versions.

What is a grainy texture?

Grainy texture means that your design will give a rough look. You will see some tiny particles on your design which gives a good look to your design most of the time. Photographers often use grainy effects on their photos to give them an enhanced and attractive look.

Add grainy texture to Canva.

Once you have completed the design process, Go to the left side menu and search “Grainy Textures”. You will see a large variety of textures appear. Select the one you like and drag it to the canvas.

Now play a little with the transparency until you are satisfied with the look. You have successfully added a grainy texture to your design. Now you can change the size and location of your grainy texture layer.

Steps to add grainy texture in Canva

Follow these steps, and in the end, you can apply grainy effects to any image or design you want.

Step 1: Create A Blank Canvas

Open canva and create a blank page. I would suggest using an Instagram standard post size (1080×1080). It will be easy for you if you are a beginner.

How to create a new design in canva

Step 2: Search For Grainy Texture

After creating the blank canvas, now make your design or upload the design or picture you want. Now on the left menu, click on the photos option. If you don’t see the photos option, first click on the more button.

how to apply texture on image in canva

In the photos menu, search for “Grainy Textures”. You will see a variety of textures appear. If you are a basic canva user, you can upload your texture because, on canva, most of the textures are just for premium users of canva.

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Step 3: Decrease The Transparency

Now drag the texture on the image and make sure it is just a layer rather than snipping to the background of the canvas. Now decrease the transparency of the texture until you are satisfied with the result.

how to decrease transparency in canva

Suppose your background appears to be pure white. It means your grainy texture becomes your background. Make sure it remains the upper layer on the background rather than becoming the background of the design.

Step 4: Download Your Design

Now, click on the share button on the top right corner of the canva design page. You will see a download option. Click on the download option and adjust the setting of your design. Now download your design.

how to download an image from canva

You have simply added a Grainy Texture to your design with some simple steps.

You can use the above-explained process to apply any texture to your design, like Glitter Textures, Confetti Textures, and any other textures.

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How to add grainy texture in Canva

FAQ (Add grainy texture in Canva)

How do you get the grain effect on Canva?

Step 1: In Canva, type “grainy” into the search field.
Step 2: Add the grain texture of your choice to your graphic.
Step 3: Adjust the transparency so you can see your design in the background and apply the effect on top.

How do I add texture to graphics in Canva?

Drag a pattern from our image library into your design, then pick the texture and click the “down” arrow to display the transparency slider. Slide the slider to the left to give your texture a soft, delicate impression or to the right to give your design only a faint whisper of texture.

What is a grainy photo?

A grainy image appears to have many spots, making the lines or forms difficult to detect. A grainy photo looks as if it is made up of a large variety of particles, giving your image a good grainy look.


I have shown some simple and easy steps to create grainy texture in canva. I hope this guide has solved all your queries and you have successfully added a grainy effect to your picture or design.

If you still face some issues making a grainy effect, then you can ask me in the comments and mention your problem here. I will try my best to solve all your queries.…