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Best Cursive Fonts On Canva

15 Best Cursive Fonts On Canva

Canva is a great tool for small businesses and digital entrepreneurs to use its features to make some awesome designs for your brand. Canva sometimes provides so many design options; the hardest part is deciding which one to use!

This is especially true when it comes to font selection. There are many font options to choose from, especially if you have Canva Pro. Here I will show you some of the best cursive fonts on Canva that you can use in your designs.

The font industry has a tiny technical difference between the script and cursive fonts. Script fonts must be connected, although cursive fonts do not. In this article, I will show you different cursive fonts which you can use to give your design an attractive look.

What Is A Cursive Font

The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘cursive’ as “writing with the characters joined.” The font industry has a tiny technical difference between the script and cursive fonts. Script fonts must be connected, although cursive fonts do not always need to be joined.

Note: While most fonts are made by hand, cursive fonts – whether handwriting style, calligraphic, or brush-based – still seem like they were handwritten.

List Of Best Cursive Fonts On Canva

Here is a list of the 15 best cursive fonts you can use in Canva for free.


Apricots Font In Canva

Apricots are an easy-to-read script font with a trendy look. This font is best for Pinterest pins and other social media uses, but it may also be used in logos, marketing documents, and anywhere else.

Marck Script:

Marck Script Font In Canva

Marck Script is one of the most attractive handwritten cursive fonts in Canva because of the lovely swashes on the capital letters. Marck Script has a timeless appeal to it that draws attention.


Yellowtail Font In Canva

Yellowtail is a medium-weight flat brush script font with an old-school feel. Its blend of linking and non-connecting letterforms contributes to its unique style and readability. Yellowtail is inspired by classic 1930s fonts such as Gillies Gothic and Kaufmann but has the free visual rhythm of sign painter letters.


Pacifico Font In Canva

Vernon Adams created Pacifico, an innovative and entertaining brush script handwriting font inspired by 1950s American surf culture, in 2011. In 2016, Jacques Le Bailly redesigned it at Baron von Fonthausen. Bojo Nikoltchev and Ani Petrova of Lettersoup extended it to Cyrillic in 2017.

Playlist Script:

Playlist Script Font In Canva

Playlist Script is a playful yet attractive handwritten font suitable for most designs. It is one of the most popular handwritten fonts in Canva. Playlist Script is the font equivalent of that classmate who gets straight A’s without opening a book, making elegance appear simple.


Limestone Script Font In Canva

Limestone is a thin, casual brush script with a dry brush texture created with a Tombow brush pen. It’s ideal for any project that requires a legible, handwritten look.


Niconne Script Font In Canva

Niconne is a lovely cursive font with swashes and unjoined letters. This gorgeous font is professional enough to be used as a wedding font.

Mervale Script:

Mervale Script Script Font In Canva

Mervale Script is a visually appealing free font that is fairly thick. Its elegant swashes pleasure the eye, and while it isn’t precisely “modern,” it also doesn’t seem ancient. Excellent for Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media platforms.


Genty Script Font In Canva

Genty is a delicately made Delightful Bold on Script font. It creates a lot more enjoyment, trendiness, and vibrancy. Genty Fonts have a Versatile, Fun, Cute, and Beauty feel.

Genty is Designed with a variety of Opentype features. Elegant swashes, contextual alternates, style sets with up to 15 alternatives, ligatures, ascender and descender swashes, uppercase swashes, swoosh under the letters, swoosh at the end of the letters.

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Yesteryear Font In Canva

Yesteryear is a connected script font with a flat nib largely modeled on the title screen from the 1942 film “The Palm Beach Story.” It has a sharper feel than its source and is reminiscent of chrome inscriptions on old automobiles.


Majesty Font In Canva

Majesty is a smooth and beautiful incised serif font intended to offer a feeling of drama in any application. Though, Majesty’s austerity is eased by the natural familiarity of its letterforms.

The echoes of old stone inscriptions over the years are reflected within this 7-font type family, inspired by the traditional engraved type.

Bakerie Bold:

Bakerie Bold Font In Canva

I chose Bakerie Bold for this list, although I might have chosen Bakerie or Bakerie Thin. All three of these fonts are incredibly pleasing to the eye, with crisp and beautiful cursive characters that are gently rounded.

The Bakerie series is fantastic for a free font. This is a beautiful font for quotations and social media images.


Sarina Bold Font In Canva

Sarina is a display font with brush letterforms. Sarina’s medium contrast and broad setting provide a relaxed, breezy atmosphere. Sarina is suitable for medium to big sizes.

Amsterdam Three:

Amsterdam three Font In Canva

The Amsterdam Three Font is an excellent choice as a watermark on photographs, signature or signature logo designs, quotations, album covers, business cards, and various other creative projects.


Tangerine Font In Canva

Tangerine is a calligraphic font influenced by several 16th and 17th-century italic chancery hands. Its tall ascender, the most distinctive feature of this font, uses a wide line spacing between lines to create an elegant texture.

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FAQ(Best Cursive Fonts On Canva)

What is a fancy font?

Fancy fonts are font families that provide an item with a more creative and aesthetic design. These fonts defy convention. They are intended to make a large impact, make a statement, and demonstrate inventiveness. Because the concept of a fancy font is so subjective, they can have a wide range of styles and patterns.

What font is similar to Futura in Canva?

Avenir, Helvetica, and Arial are some fonts similar to Futura that may be found on Canva.

What fonts do luxury brands use?

Geometric sans serifs are a common primary font choice, with 70% of the companies we looked at using them. Futura and Proxima Nova are more popular in the cosmetics industry than Gotham.


Canva is an amazing online tool anyone can use for graphic design purposes and basic video editing purposes. Many pre-made elements and designs of Canva make it the best tool online for the new designer and basic uses of graphic design.

In this article, I have shared a list of the 15 best cursive fonts you can use in your design if you use Canva free. There are many font options for you if you have a premium subscription to Canva. I just shared the 15 best cursive fonts; you can find much more on Canva.

Thanks for reading!…