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How to Add a Color Overlay to Images in Canva

How to Add a Color Overlay to Images in Canva

The color overlay effect is a transparent color effect we apply to an existing image, elements, or background to give it a colorful look. You can easily apply a color overlay effect in canva by following some simple steps. You can apply this effect in both free and pro versions of canva.

In this article, I will show you how to add a color overlay to images in canva.

Note: Making a color overlay is not the same as coloring an image or changing the color hue.

Add a Color Overlay to Images in Canva

Add your image, element, or shape on which you want to add a color overlay. Now open the style menu on the left of the canva page. If you are unable to find the style menu, then you need to click on more on the left of the canva page, and here you will see the style menu.

After clicking on the style menu, you will see a new menu in which you can add any color you want by just clicking on the palettes. You can click on one palette multiple times to see which color looks best on your design.

Steps to Add a Color Overlay in Canva

By following the steps given below. You can add a color overlay of your choice to any image or design you want.

Step 1: Select Your Image.

Canva provides a ton of images to its users, which the users can use in their designs. Select any of the images you want to add an overlay to, You can also upload an image if you want. 

You can search for any image in the images section on Canva. You will find free and premium images. If you are a free user, just select any free images in the menu.

How to find images in Canva

Step 2: Set The Image As The Page Background.

Now change the image into the background image. You can do it by dragging the image to the canvas. And then right-click on the image and click on “Set Background Image”. By this, you can add any image to the background of your design.

How to use images in Canva

Step 3: Add A Default Rectangular Element.

Now you need to add a rectangular element. You will find the rectangular element in the elements on the right of the canva page. You have to place this element on the top of the background image so you can add an overlay to the background.

How to use elements in Canva

Step 4: Increase The Element Size.

Increase the size of the rectangular element to cover the whole canvas. The entire image must be covered with a rectangular element for a perfect overlay. You can increase the size of the rectangular element by selecting and dragging it from the handles on the element’s corners.

How to increase the size of elements in Canva

Step 5: Change The Element Color.

In this step, you have to change the color of the rectangular element and give it the color you want your image overlay color to be. 

To add a color to the rectangle, click on the rectangle covering your whole image. You will see a color icon on the top menu of the canva page. Click on the color icon, and a new menu will pop up on the left of the canva page. Here you can select any color of your choice for the overlay.

How to change color of element in canva

Step 6: Decrease The Transparency Of The Element.

In the last step, you have to adjust the transparency of the rectangular element. You can decrease the transparency by clicking on the transparency option given in the top right corner of the canva page. You will see this option under the download button in the top right corner. Play with the transparency until you are satisfied with the color.

How to decrease transparency in Canva

You have now successfully added a color overlay to the image of your choice.

Add a Color Overlay to Images in Canva

Tips for Adding Color Overlays to Your Canva Designs

Adding an overlay to a design is an easy process. But generally takes some time to find the right transparency and color. Finding the right transparency level and perfect colors will take a few tries.

Here I will share some tips about this process:

A black overlay and design components with bright colors in the foreground benefit from darker background imagery, such as a city at night.

Lighter background images, such as images of a beach, benefit from a white overlay and foreground design components in dark colors.

If you have no idea which color to use in the design, try our favorite color palette tool, Coolors. In this tool, you will find many color options that you can copy and paste into your design. For copying the color, you need to copy its Hex code and paste this Hex code into the colors menu on canva. 

To use Coolers, you need to start the color palette generator, lock the color you love, and hit the space bar on the keyboard to generate more and more colors.

You have to focus on transparency because a little increase in transparency will change the whole look of the design. Play the transparency game with your full concentration.

Click here if you want to know How to change text color in Canva.

FAQ(How to Add a Color Overlay to Images in Canva)

What is gradient overlay?

Gradient Overlay has a few simple options and does just what the title indicates. It generates a gradient that may be customized using various blending modes, transparency, and other factors to produce various effects.

How do you make a semi-transparent layer in Canva?

Select the transparency tool from the toolbar in the top right corner of the canva design page.

1. Click on the transparency tool, and a small slider will appear.
2. Set the slider to the desired level of transparency for your design background.
3. Your template with a transparent background is now ready.

How to create a transparent overlay in Canva?

You can add a transparent overlay in canva by these simple steps:

1. Select the square element in the elements menu and drag it to your design.
2. Set the color of your choice and drag the opacity slider until you find your desired amount of transparency.
3. Your overlay is ready now. You can add text or any element if you want.


Canva is an online graphic design tool, and due to its user-friendly design, everyone can use it. There are two packages of canva, a canva free version, and a canva premium version. In the premium version, you will find many extra features to save time. But the free version is best for you if you can’t afford the premium version.

To add a color overlay to a canva design or image. Just select an image and set it as the background image by right-clicking on it and clicking “Set Background Image“.

Afterward, select any rectangular element and increase its size until it fits the canvas. Add the color of your choice to this element and decrease the opacity of this element until you are satisfied with the color.

Following these simple steps, you have added a colorful overlay to your image or design.…

How to change text color in Canva

How to change text color in Canva

If you are new to Canva and you are not familiar with the tools and features of Canva, then you are at the right place. Here I will show you how to change text color in Canva by following some simple steps. 

Canva is a free-to-use online tool for graphic designers, but almost everyone can use it due to its simple and user-friendly UI. You can make graphics like posters, social media posts, videos, logos, and more. 

There is a free and premium package of Canva. The free package is the basic one and can be used by anyone. And in a premium account, you get some extra features and a ton of graphics and pictures which you can use in your designs.

In this step-by-step guide, I will show you exactly how you can change the color of your text in both Canve free and premium accounts.

How To Change Text Color In Canva

A step-by-step guide for changing text color in canva:

  1. Select the text for which you want to change the color.
  2. Click on the color-changing tile next to the font size menu.
  3. Select the color you want to use or paste the hex code of the color of your choice.
  4. You can add another color by clicking on the + color tile.
  5. Play with the slider until you find the color of your choice.

Changing Text Color In Canva: Step-By-Step Guide

If you want to make an attractive and eye-catchy design, you need to play with the color of your design. Certain colors make your message stand out and offer a mood element to your design, depending on the hue you’ve picked.

Step 1: Create a new design from the Canva home page or open an existing design of your choice.

Create a new design in canva

Step 2: Once you have made a new design or chosen an existing one. After that, double-click on the text box you want to edit and drag on the text to select it. By doing this, your text will be highlighted, and now you can make changes to it.

Add a new text in canva

Step 3: Once you have highlighted the text, head towards the color-changing tile, which is in between the font size menu and the bold text option. This icon will be in the form of a capital letter A with a color-gradient tile below it. Click on this icon.

Change text color in canva

Step 4: By clicking on the color-changing icon, a new window will appear on the left of the Camva screen, showing some font colors you can use. Tap on the color of your choice, and you will see the change in the text you have selected before.

Choose the color of your choice in canva

Step 5: If you cannot find the color of your choice, click on the + color tile. After clicking, you will see two sliders: One slider will allow you to choose the color you want to select, while the other slider will let you select the shade of the color you have chosen. You will immediately be able to notice the color change of your selected text.

You can also select a color of your choice by pasting the hex code on the color in the search bar given in the colors menu. Simply paste your hex code, and your color will appear. Just click on the color, and you will see the change in the selected text.

change any color you want in canva

Step 6: Once you have selected the color of your choice, just click outside the box to deselect the selection you have made in the 1st step. 

Isn’t it simple? This is similar to the font-color method we have used in Microsoft Word. You will have an idea if you have used Microsoft Word before.

However, because Canva is a visual design tool, its developers have introduced unique features that will distinguish it from Microsoft Word.

You can also read about how to create a gradient text in canva if you want to give your text a gradient look.

Hex Code, Brand Kits, And Font Colors In Canva

A question arises, what if you haven’t found the color of your choice or the color you were looking for? Will you be going to use a third-party app or some other unsafe method for this?

You don’t have to worry about this, as Canva is doing its best to provide every facility to its users. As I have mentioned above, one method of adding a color manually is by just pasting the hex code of your color. 

How to add hex color code in canva

You can add your color code (Hex Code) in two places.

One is the search bar above the default color menu. Here you just need to paste your Hex code, and you will easily find your desired color.

The other option of pasting the Hex code is in the box beneath the color and shade sliders. By pasting the Hex code, both the sliders will automatically lock on the color of which you have pasted the Hex code.

How to add hex code in canva

The new color will be added to the color list after following the above-mentioned process.

Suppose you want to avoid going through the color-picking process. You can easily save this particular color in your brand kit. But there is a limitation to adding your color to the brand kit because this feature is only available for Canva Premium Users. So you need to upgrade your Canva account to the premium version if adding your color to the brand kit will save you time.

With the brand kit, you can certainly add the colors of your choice and use them any time you want on your Canva premium account.

How to used brand kit in canva premium package

To add your color to the brand kit, you just need to go to the Canva home page and click on the Brand Kit option on the left side of the Canva home page.

A menu will appear, Here, choose the “Brand Kit” option and then select the “Brand Colors” section to start with the brand color selection process once you have chosen those colors. Canva will automatically save those colors in your brand kit, and you can then use those colors any time you want.

how to add more colors in canva brand kit

Isn’t it cool?

So, keep these font color-choosing options in mind, so you don’t break from your brand colors.

FAQ(How to change text color in Canva)

How do I customize the text in Canva?

Press T on your keyboard to create a text box in Canva (Shortcut)

1. Tap the button in the editor’s bottom right corner.
2. Select Text. If it’s not there, tap More first.
3. Select the option to add a heading, subheading, or body text. You may also select one of our font combinations.

How to make text taller in Canva?

Resizing and wrapping text boxes:

1. First, click on the text box you want to edit and ensure it is not grouped with other layers or elements.
2. Click on any white handles that appeared after the selection and drag them left or right to make the text box smaller or bigger, according to your choice.

How to make certain words Bold in Canva?

To make your text bold or to make it italic in Canva, First, click on the desired text to select it. Make sure your chosen font can be bolded or italicized.

After selection, options for them appear in black rather than gray in your top toolbar.

Choose the B option for bolding your text or the I option to make your text Italic. You can also select both options at the same time.

How to add a dot between words in Canva?

Adding bullet points and numbers in your Canva design is not as difficult as it sounds. Just add the text element to your Canva design and select the icon with the three bullets in the above toolbar of your design.


Canva is an online graphic design tool, and everyone can use it. There are two packages of Canva, one is free, and the other is paid. If you buy the premium package of Canva, you will be able to access many extra features compared to a free user.

To change the text color in your design, just select the text of your choice and click on the color-changing option given above in the Canva toolbar, choose the color of your choice, or paste the hex code of the color you want to add. By following these steps, you can easily change the color of your text.

You can also save your brand color in the brand kit option on Canva, and then you can use these colors whenever you want. But this Canva feature is only available for premium package holders of Canva.…